PastorsGail & Steve Adamoschek

Since 2003, Gail & Steve have served ROJC as Pastors. Their leadership and guidance have brought ROJC to a deep love of the Lord, His Word - the Bible, worship, prayer, and outreach. 


Pastor Gail holds a Masters of Theology Degree and is recognized as Woman of Distinction NYS due to her ongoing disaster ministry, locally and nationally. Pastors Steve and Gail make a great ministerial team through their deep walk with God, deep prayer life, caring ministry and knowledge of the Bible. They lead the church forward through mentoring upcoming leaders, developing ministries, in equipping the saints to be a blessing in our region - reaching out in relevant ways. 














*Members of Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship International (MMFI)

Praise Team

Flowing in the Holy Spirit, River of Jubilee is known for the intense presence of the Lord throughout our worship services.


From left to right:

Percussion, Om Bista

Bass Guitar, Amber Dillenbeck

Keyboard, Pastor Gail Adamoschek

Lead Guitar, Ben Adamoschek



Song leaders: Pastor Gail, Ben Adamoschek, Amber Dillenbeck.